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Business endeavors don’t always turnout as we hope. Sometimes what we create is a “Fraken-Business,” a collection of quilt-patched messaging, products and services that have been placed together with no rhyme or reason.

To avoid this takes a strong vision and mission and a content strategy that clearly communicates your brand’s voice. In my last blog post, I encouraged readers to answer the question, “If my business was a person, what 3-5 words would I use to describe its personality?”

Defining your business using human terms may seem odd, but as a solopreneur or microbusiness owner, people think of themselves as doing business with you — the person — rather than a business entity. Taking the time to humanize your brand this way enables you to bring your business’s personality, values and tone front and center.

Flip the Script

If you still find yourself struggling to define your brand voice by describing its personality change the question up a bit and describe the personality by which you want to be known. I’ll use myself as an example. The words I would use to describe my personal brand voice or personality are:

  • Visionary
  • Creative
  • Communicator
  • Educator
  • Encourager

I could add a few more, but you get the picture. As a solopreneur, who I am is what people know and see when they interact with my business because for all intents and purposes I am the business. The above words help paint a picture in my mind’s eye that I want people to experience fun, freedom, hope, understanding, laughter and a sense of warmth and comfort as I help them refine and strengthen their messages. This information helps me establish the tone I should use when speaking with my audience.

Now, it’s your turn. Do this exercise and share what you come up with here. For the rest of this month I’ll respond below to your entry with personal tips on how you can further shape your brand’s voice and messaging.

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