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How you market your business will greatly determine your success. In fact, the way you answer the following question will quickly determine if you are connecting with your target audience.

Do you speak to or with your target audience?

It’s a simple question, but complex in nature. Here’s what I mean. To speak to someone implies pushing your message with very little, if any, listening on your part taking place. Without listening to our customers we can only assume we know what their real needs are. We are communicating blindly.

Not only is a conversation taking place and people are listening and being heard, but mutual engagement increases as well as trust.

Day Before PromoWith is a small word, but in the context of connecting with the people and businesses we want to serve it’s huge. It’s where effective relationship marketing takes place and accurate and on point stories that matter to our customers are discovered. It’s where love happens and as the title to Tim Sanders’ book says, “Love is the Killer App.”

What stories do you customers want hear? How will you tell those stories? Should you integrate a storytelling strategy into your marketing mix? If you want answers to questions like these, I invite you to join me tomorrow, Wednesday, August 31st for this month’s #MTABchat on Twitter.

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