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Tree-225x300Just about a year ago the leaves on this tree in my backyard began its autumn ritual of falling off. On one particular day the wind was high and the tree relinquished a vast amount of its autumn-hued leaves. I watched as they danced, twirled and floated to the ground. It was beautiful. As they came off the tree and remained suspended in the air for a bit the leaves looked like notes on a music scale. The thought ran through my mind to grab a camera and take a picture of their glorious exit, but I decided I would do it the following day. That day never came.

During the night the majority of the leaves fell off and I missed the opportunity to capture their farewell song. To this day I wonder what song they sang.

This year I wait with expectation for the leaves to begin their dance to the music only they can play. And, I will capture their once in a lifetime musical.

So, to you my friend, in your business and your life, I say “seize the day”. Capture the beauty and opportunity of each day and live with no regrets.

Below, share one thing you will do to seize the day.

Original publication date: November 23, 2014

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