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Important to your business’ growth and success are the opportunities for connection you build around it. It’s called  COMMUNITY and it’s the gathering place…watering hole…tribe you create where people come to be informed, educated, and yes…even entertained.

The key to building community is the way you attract, accept and nurture others into your fold. I enjoy watching the television sitcom Cheers. I think it demonstrates, masterfully, how community is created and maintained in the following ways:

The establishment attracts by being welcoming. It offers exactly what customers are looking for and expect– a place to unwind, great conversation, laughter, and a nice tasty beverage to boot.

The establishment accepts by knowing and meeting the needs of its customers. There’s a line in the Cheers theme song that says, “You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same.” Address the real needs of your customers and watch your community grow. Norm!

The establishment nurtures by its consistency to care for and serve its customers. There’s an old saying that goes something like, what it took to get here is what it takes to keep her.

What are some other ways entrepreneurs can build a community around their businesses? Share your comments below?


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