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Keys open all sorts of doors and starts all kinds of engines.

Today I learned a powerful lesson about holding on to things that no longer serve a purpose. The keys you see here are all mine and the majority of them give me access to nothing. Not to either my mom’s or dad’s Toyota vehicle from 20 years ago or our old East Texas home from nearly 30 years ago. I think one key is to an old P.O. box. The rest I have no clue.

If you’re carrying keys that don’t open doors or start engines to move you along in your journey — get rid of those keys. They are baggage to a time and season that has past. This could be toxic relationships and emotions, negative thinking, or traditions and mindsets that leave you in a state of limbo when it comes to your future. It’s time to let it go and get rid of those keys in the process.

Lighten your load and carry only the keys that give you access to the life and future you want.

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