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tree_Jan 2015In November 2014 I wrote a post, Seize the Day, where I talked about a missed opportunity to capture leaves falling off a tree in my backyard in the Fall of 2013. So, I waited, even sat outside on a windy day during the Fall of 2014, expecting the leaves to fall as they did just the year before. But they didn’t. In fact, here it is mid-January 2015 and some leaves are still hanging on and when they have fallen they have not drifted to the ground as I thought they would.

Disappointed? No.

Lesson Learned? Yes.

There will always be familiar seasons in nature, business, and life. But, to think the outcomes are going to be exactly as they were before is not realistic. We must be prepared to see a new thing and find the opportunity in it. We can still seize the day by being willing to see with fresh eyes and seize the moment when the new opportunity appears.

Original publication date: January 18, 2015

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