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I love nature and I love creating an environment where people and things can gather and be nurtured. Moments before snapping this picture I had just placed fresh water in a container that had water in it but it was dirty. These two squirrels almost immediately came to where the fresh water was and took a drink (you can see them in the top left window pane). Even as I’m typing this post a blue jay has come to the “well” to refresh itself.

This whole scenario took only minutes to unfold, but it’s message is both exemplary and eternal as it relates to our lives and businesses. Here’s what I mean:

Stale and dirty water is consumed only as a necessity when nothing else is available. It doesn’t draw like fresh water does and it’s not a joy to drink. Are you giving your customers and others fresh water that leaves them waiting with hope and anticipation for more?

Create an environment where others want to come to your well and drink. Find ways to offer fresh water daily and watch your relationships and business grow. With that said, what will you do ? I’d love to read your thoughts on this. Leave your comments below.

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