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What you’re about to read is actually an email my Aunt Janet sent shortly after Thanksgiving. I’m so glad she gave me permission to share it. I hope it blesses you and moves you to action.


Janet Johnson

I signed up to volunteer at a nearby homeless shelter and mission.  I checked off that I would be available to teach women’s health classes.  My mindset was that I was going to go slow cause I didn’t want them trying to high pressure me to come in for more days and to teach more classes than I wanted.  My mindset was to keep “them” from putting a lot of pressure on me to do and commit to more than I wanted to before I was ready.  So my mindset was kinda “take it slow and keep ’em at bay.  Don’t let them high pressure you.”

Well, they have orientation classes twice a month.  I was thinking that maybe there would be a handful of potential volunteers.  Not so.  There were more than 100 at just this one orientation class.  They had so many volunteers that volunteers for serving the Christmas meal and other like activities were closed.  More volunteers than slots.

So I was thinking—I didn’t really have to volunteer for this ministry.  Women’s ministry and homeless ministry are interests of mine and I’m qualified to teach a health class.  However, this ministry didn’t really “need me”. They had plenty of volunteers.

That’s when the Holy Spirit started to teach me:  God didn’t “need” me and my special gifts and talents in this or any ministry.  All he needed was for me to show up with my 5 fish and barley loves.  That’s all.  He just needed me to show up and teach the class.  He would do the anointing and blessing.  He gave me the unction to volunteer for this particular ministry and I did.  If they only need me to teach a 90 minute class once a month—that’s my assignment then.  I may not even “feel” an anointing as I’m going through my class notes when teaching the class.  God doesn’t need me to “feel” anything for him to work.  He just needs my loaves and fishes.  In fact, I may not ever know until I get to heaven how what seemed like just a routine kind of boring maybe class was used by the Spirit to speak to various people that were listening.

What a burden off me!  I don’t have to be a “good” or “deep” or vivacious and an entertaining lecturer.  I just need to bring my loaves and fish and make them available.

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