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If you’re looking to build your brand and connect with people you want to do business with the best place to start is with your story. Why your story? The simple fact is that there are some people you want to do business with and then there are some you don’t. When you tell your story you give the reader the opportunity to decide if they identify with you and whether they have an interest in getting to know you better.

Building your business is about building relationships. It takes time to get to know someone and your story helps people connect with you…or not. Your story has the ability to attract and repel and that’s a good thing. Telling your story helps you define your brand and creates space for connection, trust, and ultimately loyalty.

If you’d like help in developing your story, I’m sharing tips this week on my Facebook page. I’ve been asking key questions to help my posse formulate their stories. Come on over and check things out.




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